Pond Repair

Often times we are called in to repair an existing water feature. This one had settled, many of the waterfall stones had sunk, and the water was not flowing properly.

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

It can be part of a regular maintenance program, or we often get called in for finesse trimming and/or extreme pruning.

Todd Leblanc

Our biggest challenge in this project was it had to be ascetically pleasing from all angles. It was visible from the kitchen window, and surrounded by 3 decks. The water feature was the focal point, and it had to look good from everywhere.

Rita Hermans

A simple new home foundation planting. Minimizing maintenance requirements was important here.

Kelly Reed

New subdivision new home foundation planting. Budget, and existing heavy clay soil were our challenges on this project.

Flagstone Patio

Replacing a rotting deck this patio had to be raised one step above lawn grade. It was necessary to build a small retaining wall to support the patio & keep a proper grade.

Lockwood Pond

We were called in on this DIY project when the homeowner was not achieving the results he was hoping for.

Interlocking Stone Patio

Creating a useable space in a small backyard was the goal here. A couple of dogs that love to dig were making quite a mess.

Small Pond

About as small as you would want to go with a pond. Space and Budget were the primary concerns here. Another option could be to choose a pondless waterfall.

Brett Lavier

On this project we were called in to find a solution to a water feature that was professionally built, but had gone totally wrong. The workmanship on this and surrounding projects were excellent, however the design of the water feature was flawed from the start. The bottom reservoir must be the largest, or it will, and was pumping dry. With about 14 feet of desired waterfall on the top, you would need a minimum of 14,000 gallons per hour of pumping water to maintain a decent flow of water. Our solution was 5 one foot wide waterfalls with built in led lighting to add night time interest. The customer was very happy with the results.